Responsive website design, custom programming!

It’s Geek to Me

Responsive Websites

We offer responsive website design. This means your site will look good regardless of the device being used to view it!

eCommerce Websites

Start selling online!  Our eCommerce solutions make it easy to setup shop online and are simple to use for your shoppers.


Our websites come ready to be embraced by search engines. We have tools to help you manage your SEO.

Custom Programming

PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL – We can build websites that are specific to your business needs, we do custom WordPress programming and WordPress plugins.


Just like our customers, we want to make sure that Google and other search-engines can find us.  So with that in mind, what is the best way to describe ourselves?  Are we a website design company or should we call ourselves website designers?  But what if the person searching doesn’t spell out the word website and uses web instead? Maybe we should go with web design or web designers? However, we do more than just website design. We also do custom programming using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and MySQL. We do custom WordPress programming and can write custom WordPress plugins. Perhaps we should go with web development, website development, website developers, or web developers. But wait! We are forgetting that we also offer eCommerce websites, SEO ready websites, and SEO Tools!

And what is the best way for people to find our competitive pricing?  We really don’t like the term cheap websites,  perhaps some better options would be low-cost websites or low-cost website design.

We also don’t want to forget our location in Butte Montana 59701.  Maybe we should mention somewhere that we do Butte website design or that we are a Montana website design company or website designers in Montana or that we are a Montana website development company or maybe someone will just search website design Butte.

With all the different ways people can search, you can see that it can be a real challenge to work those keywords into your website.  Oh, did we mention we also do custom websites and mobile friendly websites?